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How to start your own blog in 2018

Many people say blogging is dead. Nobody reads anymore. This cannot be anything far from the truth. Here is the fact.

There has been a significant increase in the blogging industry. Tumblr alone has more 350 million blogs as of June 2017.

As per Worldometers, every day close to 3 million blogs is submitted on the internet every day.

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide on how to start your own blog. It will take less than 10 minutes to start your own blog.

If you need more reasons on why you should start your own blog is 2018, here is the complete article.

Why You should start a blog in 2018

How to start your own blog –chapter 1 -Getting Domain

To start your blog, you need a custom domain name. Domain name is nothing but your web address.

Be very smart in choosing your domain. You should choose a domain which can easily convey the purpose of your blog.

Do not select a very long domain name. Getting one letter domain is extremely difficult. Try two or three letter domain name which is easy to remember.

Also .com domain is extremely difficult to get these days. If you find something nice it’s great. But even if you don’t find any issue, try something with your country domain name.

For example, if you are from India you can try “.in” or “”. Similarly if you from Canada you can try .ca or if you are from Australia you can try .au. I guess you got my point.

You can also go with “.net” or “.co” domain name. If your blog is related to tech, one of the best option would be “.io”. You get lots of good names using “.io” extension.

To buy a domain name at best price you can visit one of the most popular registrar It’s always a good idea to buy the domain from authorized domain registrar than your hosting company. Even if hosting companies are giving free domain. It will cost you lot less in long run.

However, you can buy from hosting provider itself.

How to start your own blog –chapter 2 -Getting Hosting

I have written a separate blog on this. You can go through that.

Best WordPress hosting in 2018 – A complete review of top 10 WordPress Hosting

I will strongly suggest to use A2hosting or Siteground for your blogging purpose. There is a couple of reasons for that.

First is that both these web hosting company are pretty solid companies. They are very affordable. They provide the best speed for your blog at this price range. Also, they have amazing chat support team.

If you get stuck anywhere you can ping them and they will resolve your issues.

This is the most important investment for your online business, so invest wisely.

How to start your own blog –chapter 3 –Pointing domain to hosting

This step is not necessary if you are buying hosting and domain from the same company.

Once you have your domain name and hosting, it’s time to connect both of them. For the sake of this article, I will take the example of SiteGround and You can google how to point a domain to a hosting if you are using another hosting.

To connect your hosting to your domain you have point your nameserver to hosting company. It is a very simple process.

Login to you Siteground Account. Click on My Accounts in the top menu area.

You will see this page.

Click on Go to cPanel. Under left top corner, you will see your account information. You will see Nameservers for your account.

Now log in to your Namecheap account.

On the left navigation menu, Find the “Domain list” Link. Here you will see all the domain you have bought from Namecheap. Click on the domain whose nameserver you want to change. Click on the manage button and you will be redirected to the domain management page.

Changing Nameserver

In the domain management page, find the name server options. On the “Nameservers” row select the “Custom DNS” option. Now copy the Nameserver values from SiteGround Hosting and paste it here. Now your domain is pointing towards your hosting.

However, your domain will not work immediately. It will say to wait for 24 hours but most of the time it is a couple of minutes.

You will not have to do this step if you buy the domain from your hosting.

How to start your own blog –chapter 4 –Installing WordPress

One of the cool things about A2hosting or SiteGround is that they come up with one click WordPress install. Yes that right, now you can create your website as easily as you are installing any software on your computer.

To install WordPress, go to Cpanel once again. Under WordPress tool, you will see WordPress Installer. Click on it.

Now click on Install now.

It will open up the form. Choose the domain you want to install WordPress on.

Fill rest of the field as required and click on Install now. It will take few seconds to install. You will receive success message like this.

Your website is ready now. Click on Administrative URL. You will reach admin page of your website. This is how it will look like.

Click on Post and then add new. You are ready for your first blog post.


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