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Best WordPress hosting in 2018 – A complete review of top 10 WordPress Hosting

Are you looking for the fastest and most reliable WordPress hosting for your website? You don't know where to go. Well, We were there too.

So we wanted to try something different that has never really been done before. We actually purchased a shared hosting account with all the top providers. Then tested and watched the performance for around 30 days. In this blog, we are going to share our result.

We will show you the result of which hosting company performed the fastest. The result will also show which one was the slowest and most inconsistent.

I have actually installed the same size divi child theme on all these hosting providers. This will bring truthful, accurate and non-biased results.

After reading this blog you can easily make out which hosting you should go for. 

Testing was done on three parameters. The first criteria were page load speed. The second was server response time and third and last, was technology and support level.

Based on these three parameters, we tested which hosting company is performing the best.

Pagespeed was given topmost priority. 53% of people abandon the site if the load time is more than 3s, as per Google report.

Also, Google is coming up with the new algorithm which will index sites with better speed on mobile. Check this image for the better idea. 

In this article, We are going to review following WordPress hosting

  1. InMotion WordPress Hosting
  2. Green Geeks WordPress Hosting
  3. SiteGround WordPress Hosting
  4. Bluehost WordPress Hosting
  5. A2Hosting WordPress Hosting
  6. Web Hosting Pad WordPress Hosting
  7. Dream host WordPress Hosting
  8. Wp Engine WordPress Hosting

Bonus WordPress Hosting

  1. FastComet WordPress Hosting

1) Inmotion WordPress Hosting

These are the results that we had for in motion hosting.

They did have a good load speed but they did have a long server response time.

When you look at these graphs above,  you can see that they have a high web server to response time. Yet they had a very good browser speed time.

I tested this on Pingdom. The website loaded in 2.19s which is pretty good

If We would recommend. Yes, $5/month not a bad deal.

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2) Green Geeks WordPress Hosting

Green Geeks is one of those companies that kind of pride themselves on their green energy.

Green Geeks had a pretty good server response time. Their page load speed is good.

If we look into the graph, they are pretty consistent.


After testing on Pingdom, their website load time came as 2.84. This is slightly higher than InMotion Hosting. However, this is not a normal behavior.

Maybe this is for today. Generally, they are faster than InMotion Hosting. I would definitely recommend them.

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3) SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is by far best WordPress hosting. It is my favorite as well. Lots of our websites and our client's websites are hosted on SiteGround.

As you can see from the graph, they have a very low web server to response time. Browser speed is excellent. Another great thing about SiteGround was consistency. The web server response time and browser speed were low throughout the month. 

They clearly outperformed rest of the competitors.

Website load time is also just 2.09s on Pingdom, which is excellent. However, we have seen load time much below than this.

Do we recommend SiteGround? A big YES as they are the best and fastest service provider. One thing more they have got excellent customer service. If you have any issue simply chat with their customer service.

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4) BlueHost WordPress Hosting

The next server we are going to test is BlueHost. BlueHost has been darling for WordPress for many years. Many websites give them a pretty good rating.

However, We did not have a pleasant experience with BlueHost. Recently, I moved from BlueHost to A2Hosting.

Bluehost servers were a little bit shaky as you can see in the chart. Their speed was not good, neither was their server response times.

So when we tested them Pingdom, it came around 3.1s which is the slowest.

Do We recommend moving to BlueHost? Definitely not. There are tons of better options for WordPress hosting.

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5) A2Hosting WordPress Hosting

The next WordPress Hosting we are going to talk about is A2Hosting. This is my another favorite WordPress Hosting.

They claim to be 20X faster than other WordPress hostings. We put this to test.

They had very good server response time. Also, their page load speed was excellent and consistent.

Check out their result.

We tested this on Pingdom. The page load speed was 2s. This was fastest till now. This is when we haven't used their 20X faster pack.

Do, We recommend them. Hell Yeah.

In fact, We have recommended them to lots of my clients. They are very much happy with the result.

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6) WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting

Frankly speaking, not a big fan of WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting. In fact, they come in the bottom of the pyramid along with BlueHost.

We had overall pretty bad experience. They had consistently high server response time. Check out their results

We checked them on Pingdom. As expected, they have highest load time of 3.45s.

Do We recommend WebHostingPad? Definitely No.

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7) DreamHost WordPress Hosting

Next WordPress Hosting which we are going to test is DreamHost. The first thing which strikes about DreamHost is that they claim to be award winning hosting. But they do not mention who gave the award.

However, let's see how they performed. That is the only thing matter. Although, they had a bit higher server response time there browsing speed was pretty good. Check out the result.

They were pretty consistent with their speed. We actually never faced any issue with them.

When tested on Pingdom, the result was amazing. The page load time was 1.76. Awesome Right.

Do we recommend them? Yes, why not. We have recently started recommending them to our clients as well.

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8) WP Engine WordPress Hosting

This is the last hosting which we are reviewing. WP Engine claims to be the fastest WordPress Hosting. So we tested that out.

The result was really great. They had very low server response time. Also, page load speed was great. You can see these result.

When tested in Pingdom, the page speed was 1.56s. This is insanely fast and so they are able to back their claim.

Do we recommend them? The only drawback which we found is pricing. They are on the little higher side compared to other WordPress Hosting.

Other than that, they are a solid company with a solid performance. So will definitely recommend them if pricing is not a problem for you.

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 Bonus WordPress Hosting (Definitely check them for insanely low cost)

I have not personally used this WordPress hosting. The reason for adding them to the list is that they are very low cost and they have good review all around the internet.

9) FastComet WordPress Hosting

They are the new player in WordPress Hosting. They have managed to get pretty decent rating across all the hosting platform.

One thing which I liked the most about them, is transparency. Most of hosting companies have aggressive first year pricing. Pricing increases at least twice after 1st year.

But Fast Comet renewal price is same as the first year.

Do we recommend them? Yes definitely especially at $2.95/month pricing.

Get FastComet Hosting @ $2.95

To conclude, if you are looking for reliable and fast hosting, We would suggest SiteGround or A2Hosting. You can also go with DreamHost or WP Engine if budget is not a constraint.

Do let us know which hosting you are comfortable with. If you have any question regarding these hosting, let us know in the comment section.


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